Order procedure for non-Japanese speaking customers both in and outside Japan

  1. 1. Please look through list of products and kindly indicate which you are interested in. Categories are as below.


  2. 2. Please send an email to info@primvs-store.jp kindly indicating the information as requested below.

    - The product(s) which you intend to order
    - Your name and surname as indicated on your PayPal account
    - An address for delivery must be from one of those that are indicated on your PayPal account*.
    We will respond to you with delivery cost by EMS**

  3. 3. Please provide the following information once you have accepted the delivery cost.

    - Recipient name
    - Telephone number of the recipient
    - Fax number of the recipient (if applicable)

  4. 4. We will send you a purchase invoice via email, and a payment request via Paypal. Please arrange payment via your PayPal account.
  5. 5. Invoices will be issued in Japanese yen (JPY) and payment should kindly be in same currency.
  6. 6. Your purchased order will be shipped shortly after payment has been confirmed onto our account.

    *Should you desire to send an ordered purchase to an address different from those registered on your PayPal account you must register this additional address on your Pay Pal account prior to us processing any order(s) made.
    **You may chose an alternative means of shipping i.e courier DHL. Kindly communicate this choice of option prior to finalising order as we need to assess viability of such option.

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